Jamie Ball

Jamie is home!


Jamie Ball

Jamie is home!

I got sent home on Monday, July 2, 2012. I had been up moving around and on oral medicine all Monday morning and afternoon which was what the doctors wanted in order for me to go home. I was sent home with the tube they put in during surgery to take some of the fluid out of the wound by my armpit. I have an appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday, July, 10,2012 to go back and have the soft cast taken off. Since all the broken bones had been removed and replaced with titanium, they will remove the cast. Then, on Wednesday I will go back up and see the trauma doctor. He will remove my tube from my wound. Few days have past and they seem to go by pretty slow now that I am not able to do a whole lot. Tuesday wasn’t so bad but today(Wednesday) had a rough start. I am not in a lot of pain when I am laying down but when I have to get up and move around for a long period of time then I tend to get light headed and in more pain. Today, I have been able to get up more and start moving a little bit faster. I have been taking only one pain pill instead of two because the pain hasn’t been as bad. My dad is planning on racing this weekend in the 360 class. They got the motor in today and got it fired up. He is going to race a couple of times. We will not be racing the nationals this year. But my dad will be racing 305 and maybe 360 a couple more times this year.

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